TourPedia is part of the OpeNER project. TourPedia is the output of WP4.

The following figure describes the architecture of WP4. Red rectangles represent WP4 tasks, connected by arrows. It contains three main components:

The most important task of WP4 is T4.3, which implements the NE repository of Places and Reviews. Reviews are used only for the construction of the GUI, while Places can be accessed both by the Entity Resource Linker (ERL) through an API, which provides data in JSON, and a Linked Data node, which provides data in RDF/XML, Turtle etc. Task 4.5 provides also access to the Sentiment Lexicon implemented in task T5.3. As a result, Task 4.5 produces the Linked Data version of the NE repository and the Sentiment Lexicon.

NE Repository (T 4.3) ERL - Web API (T 4.3) Linked Data (T4.5) GUI