Linked Data

TourPedia provides a Linked Data node for places. It is exposed as a SPARQL endpoint which is available at this URI: The online Web version of the SPARQL endpoint is available at

For each place, the following ontologies are used to represent it:

Each location is linked to the same location in DBpedia.

Below an example of how to use the SPARQL engine. You could calculate which are the most frequently provided services, by running the following simple SPARQL query over all the services (the example shows the query for the service terrace):

	PREFIX dbpedia-owl: < >
	PREFIX acco: <>
	PREFIX dbpedia: <>
	PREFIX rdf: <>
	SELECT DISTINCT (COUNT(*) as ?terrace) 
		?s dbpedia-owl:location dbpedia:Tuscany ;
		rdf:type acco:Accommodation;
		acco:feature "terrace" .

Please select the location and wait for the could take a while. Only the top 20 is shown.