The Web API is a service that returns information about Places - defined within this API as accommodations, restaurants, attractions or points of interest - and related Reviews using RESTful requests. The following requests are available:


This query allows you to query for place information on a variety of categories, such as: accomodations, attractions, restaurants and point of interest. Currently you can search for places from 8 locations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, London, Paris, Rome and Tuscany. A Places search returns a list of Places along with summary information about each Place.

A Places search request is an HTTP URL of the following form: http://tour-pedia.org/api/getPlaces?parameters


At least one parameter among location, category and name must to be defined.

The following example shows a search/answer for restaurants in Berlin with the name containing the words "La Dolce Vita". http://tour-pedia.org/api/getPlaces?category=restaurant&location=Berlin&name=La+Dolce+Vita

Output Format

The default output format is Json. It's possible to have the response in CSV or KML format


It is possible to query among the reviews of the places. A Reviews search request is an HTTP URL of the following form: http://tour-pedia.org/api/getReviews?parameters


The following example shows a search for reviews in Rome made during the month of August containing the words "swimming pool", and returns the output in JSON: http://tour-pedia.org/api/getReviews?location=Rome&startDate=1-8-2013&endDate=31-8-2013&keyword=swimming+pool